Simple HVAC Maintenance
by tommy lorada

Here I will be going over many ways that you can get the
most out of your central air conditioner. When it comes to
HVAC there are many things that could go wrong, but there
are also many things that you can do to prevent your system
from biting the dust.

I will be referring to the air handler and the condensing
unit a lot. To make things perfectly clear the air handler
is inside, usually in a closet, and the condensing unit is
outside of the home.

The easiest preventive maintenance you can do on an HVAC
system is change your air filter once a month. This will
keep the coils clean, and also make it so there is always a
good air flow through the HVAC system, dirty filters will
waste your electricity and prevent your HVAC system from
performing efficient.

Clean out your condensate line in your HVAC system every
couple of months. This can be done by purchasing slime
tablets, blowing out the line with CO2 or nitrogen, or by
using a wet dry vacuum. When a condensate line gets clogged
up it could shut down your unit, or flood your house.

If you do not make an effort to keep your condensate line
clean it will eventually get clogged up, and that will lead
to your unit shutting down if the air handler has a float
switch installed on it. If not the condensate will overflow
from the drip fan and flood your home as long as it is
running, so make sure you keep the line clean so this does
not happen.

Make sure that both of the coils on the air handler and the
condensing unit are kept clean. For the air handler coils
all you have to do is make sure that you always have a clean
filter in, then you should be fine. The inside coils in most
cases get dirty because of not having an air filter
installed at all.

The outside coils usually do not get dirty as often as the
ones that are located inside. The problem that happens most
is bushes, leaves, plants, that are close to the condensing
unit and block the hot air that is trying to be blown out.
So make sure your condensing unit has a couple of feet of
free space all the way around it.

If you suspect that your hvac system is blowing hot air when
you have it on cool, it could be low on Freon. This will
have to be handled by a certified HVAC technician as you
have to be licensed to handle Freon. If you have your hvac
system set on cool, and the condensing unit is blowing out
cool air instead of hot air then you might have a Freon

If you follow just these few HVAC preventive maintenance
tips you can avoid a lot of problems with the way your
system runs. Not everything can be prevented but these
should help you out a lot with your HVAC system. - 920

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