Most drains are gravity feed meaning as moisture is removed from the air, it collects in the condensation pan and removed, usually to the outside, by means of a gradual decline of piping. It is either piped to the outside, usually by the condenser, or to a drain inside the home. The majority of the problems with this type of drain system is an algae build up in the piping. Regular maintenance will prevent this in most cases.   But on occasion, especially with older systems it will clog up and leak. If you can locate the drain opening, blowing air or carefully flushing it out with a garden hose should take care of the problem until regular service.

With most systems installed today, they will have safety switches installed. This will shut the system down to prevent water damage. If you are not familiar with the location of the auxiliary drain pans or able to empty them then do not try. Call your Service Company. If you have a regular contract with them you will probably get a discount for this call.
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Other systems use condensation pumps. The drain from the unit is piped into the pump. From there it is piped to either the outside or an inside drain. As the water level in the pump fills, a float turns the pump on until it is below the float level. Be sure the pump is plugged in and turned on.  If it is full and not running, you will need to call service.
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